iLux Lashes, LLC is an affordable luxury lash strips company created to provide the highest quality magnetic and adhesive lash strips at affordable prices.

Founded by entrepreneur and mom of 5, Jamie Nicole Wright, iLux Lashes was created to inspire and empower women regardless of age, who love finding new ways to make their beauty routine easier and more affordable, without sacrificing quality.

iLux Lashes offers the largest selection of handcrafted high-tech magnetic and adhesive lash strip styles on the market. iLux Lashes thrives on helping women level-up their lash-game without all of the hassle. We have created a way for women to get the look of lash-extensions without the expense or hours of wasted time getting lash-fills. There are endless reasons to invest in a low-maintenance beauty routine; with iLux Lashes, you can get gorgeous, voluminous lashes without the damage to your natural ones, in just seconds.

iLux Lashes is dedicated to bringing you the very best luxury lash strip selections – all volumes & lengths in both magnetic & adhesive lash strips from natural everyday wear to fuller, richer, more glamorous looks!

Offering more than 100 style selections, we hope you find your go-to styles and become a lifelong member of our growing iLux Brand family."

- Jamie Nicole Wright, Founder & CEO